Presidential Election of 1932



“Humpty Dumpty”
(August 31, 1931)

Mid-year 1931, Hoover was still busy trying to fix the financial crisis.  Some suggested that his only goal was to fix the country before 1932, in hopes of being re-elected for a second term.   

“Why Change Doctors Now?”
(September 30, 1932)

This cartoon, in September 1932, represents Hoover as the business industry’s doctor.  While on the road to recovery, Roosevelt warns that the business industry may need more than just one operation.  However, public sentiment in this picture allows one to wonder, “Would you change doctors in the middle of an operation?”

It is more than likely that the current financial crisis will still stand two years from now.  As the cartoon above asks, “Would you change doctors in the middle of an operation?”  Can this be asked of voters during the election of 2012?  If the Stimulus package does not instantly work, will voters look to a new leader to lead our country out of an economic recession?