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Prohibition and the Masses


Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum. Herbert Hoover: Picture Archives

There were many groups during Prohibition that advocated for or against Prohibition. These groups saturated people's environments with propaganda to sway public opinion about the issue. Below are summaries of some of the more influential groups. You can also find a small sample of some of the propaganda they may have used in the Choose Your Own Adventure page. Examine the differences and similarities each group has. Are any two the same? What are some of the reasons the groups are different?

Women's Christian Temperance Union

Anti-Saloon League of America

Association Against the Prohibition Amendment

The Crusaders

Women's Organization for National Prohibition Reform

It is very interesting to learn more about these groups. Even though it seems like there could only be two opinions about Prohibition (for or against), there were really infinite numbers of different opinions. No two people held the same beliefs about why Prohibition was a good or bad thing, or about the benefits or drawbacks of it because everyone interpreted it personally. This is the most incredible part about Prohibition. Even though it seems like a cut-and-dry issue, it was extremely complex and difficult to understand. Looking at the different groups, which one would you agree with? Would you agree with more than one? Why or why not?