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We started this project knowing we wanted to learn something fun about Prohibition. We worked at the Herbert Hoover Museum and Library where we met Craig, our hero. We told him we were interested in learning more about how prohibition influenced every-day people and he had scores of suggestions. We decided, after much anguish and sadness, to limit our scope to the pages in front of you. We wanted to convey the idea that Prohibition concerned real people, not just a few politions, some Congressmen, or a bunch of mobsters. We hope that we personfied the idea of Prohibition well for you.

While designing our website we wanted a classic look so we chose a simple black and white color scheme. It was somber, a lot like Prohibition was. We also wanted to create a little excitement, so we added in red. We also kept our pictures limited to black and white since the pictures and the website colors complemented each other so well.

We also wanted you, our dear visitors, to stay interested, so we made all of our pages short and sweet, meaning we have a lot of pages. We included a lot of links, too, so that you can leave one wing when you want and, hopefully, then visit another fun wing. This is to let you look at what you want, when you want because Elaine Gurian, one of the authors we read in class, suggests that people like to look at museums in whatever order they feel like rather than be forced to go in a particular, pre-determined order.

Our favorite part is the Choose Your Own Adventure wing. Keeping the text gender-neutral so that everyone would feel included was a challenge. It was a blast to make up the stories though, and it is meant to make our website even more fun. Course readings by Mike Wallace and Gurian suggest that if we do not have interactive components, you will not enjoy our site as much. We hope you have fun with the section, as well as the rest of the website--as much as we did making it.

Ashley and Katherine