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"As nearly as I can trace my history...
...I was about two weeks old when the war closed..."
  -George Washington Carver


Even with Carver's own words; no one knows exactly what year Carver was born. The quote suggests he was born in 1865, though according to census information from 1870 he was born in 1860. Even other stories Carver told placed his birthdate in a different year. Unfortunetly with the choas typical to post war Missouri there are no records to confirm one date as accurate.

What is known about Carver, is that he was born to a slave girl named Mary. Her owners were farmers in southwest Missouri; Moses and Susan Carver. This is where the story of George Washington Carver begins. His early years brought him from slavery, to be raised as a son by his former owners and pursue his education through numerous travels.

The image shows the foundation of the slave cabin George's family lived in until they were accepted into the main house.

Photo curtesy of George Washington Carver National Monument


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